Saturday, 29 December 2012

An antibody to cancer

29 December 2012

                This idea was sent to me 2003 by professor fossil from Michigan State college.  Just as he was retiring!

                We produce the antisense to the enzyme which causes single cell division!  The single cell helicase is a big retailers in all viruses, and may even be written up in the text books!

                The the we years reverse transcriptase to produce the antisense RNA to this enzyme.  We then packaging up with the interleukin four entry sequence!  As appended to all human antibodies.  Also has used by HIV to get into T cells, and get its genome copies and liberated.

                Now we use the T cells to act as antigen presenting centres.  And producing human antibody to the cell division done by all viruses and cancer.

                Pills of this drug will cause the immune system to remove all viral and cancer cells in the body.  This idea I have been circulating for nine years!


Jonathan Thomason

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