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Antibody to cancer


10 December 2012

                Usually the human body weights for this structure within the body to be doing cell damage before launching an immune assault!  A growing embryo is distinct from the mother.  So life childbirth is only possible with an immune system linked to cell damage.

                In contrast the rapid cell budding done by viruses causes necrosis to body cells!  It does cell damage.  Even though the rapid budding of cancer structures is seen by the immune system, and the rapid budding causes necrosis of the cancer structures!  To the body this is cell damage.

                Viruses try and avoid scrutiny by the immune system by doing single cell division: the type of cell division done by amoeba and the growing embryo.

                The affects of the virus causing cell death in the surrounding body cells.  The immune system then launches an immune assault against a new structures locally.  In this case the virus!

                Cancer is formed from all infections or person has suffered from.  So there are five enzymes common to all infectious disease and the single cell helicase used by viruses and cancer.

                So cancer divides in a single cell way.  Doing no other viral activity which can cause cell damage to body cells.  So the immune system largely ignores it.  Cancer cells like viral cells are overinflated and hard.

                Body cells are damaged by ultrasound above 180 W 40 kHz.  And that power, the cell contents boil and the cell fragments.

                Above 90 W, the single cell structure that is viruses all cancer fragment!  The bacterial structure is given a minimal cell wall by the B cells.  It also is over inflated-to gain a vitality.  So fragmented at 90 W.

                At 150 Watts 40 kHz the ultrasound passes through the body include hormones, and emerges as nobody at 120 Watts.  Having coals all cancer cells to fragment!

                But not affecting body cells!  This is the unique point of weakness of viruses and cancer.  Intermediate level ultrasound causes the cells to fragment so fiercely, they damage body cells adjacent to the cancer.

                This provokes an immune action against the virus or cancer, and the cell loss is replaced from the an infected stem cells.

                Physically vulnerable are there cancer mother cells: that burn off other cancer cells.  When hit by ultrasound all cancer cells fragment.

                With no surgery or drunks are appropriate!  The immune system produces and actions the active antibody to cancer.  There are six: antibodies to all cancers.  A useful drug to have in the drug cabinet.

                If we give a drip of interleukin two and four (IL-2&4) we tap into the immune system!  It will produce the antibody to all non native cells light in the body.  When the macrophages engulf that cell type a activate the interleukin one, which produces interleukin through 21 naturally!

                So there is a simple biochemical rate to produce the human antibody to cancer.  Pills of these 6 common drugs will cure all cancers!  With no chemo or radio therapy.

                We transform cancer into a minor, treatable post infection condition.  It is all written up in the university medical text books.

                In 1983 I used to work in metallurgical ultrasound!  The medics term the effective ultrasound ‘high intensity focused ultrasound’.  150 W 40 kHz is one such wave description.  Metallurgical ultrasound typically starts at 2 kW!

                That is fatal to people!  150 W is only fatal to cancer!

Jonathan Thomason

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