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Antimatter power


3 December 2012

                I got revised masses for the electron and positron today.  These were much in variance with the numbers I had used previously!

                This gives the revised energy for the positron electrons annihilation of 3 kW!  This is a sensible number.  For a 20 cm electrical heating strip we should be getting 3 megawatts of heat energy.

                2 15 cm should run 100 MW power station!  This seems an altogether sensible number!  My fault tolerance would suggest we use three emitters, give you one in reserve for if on the primaries breaks.

                This seems quite unreasonable set of numbers!  The 1015 Watts seemed A crazy idea at to get!  3 kW seas are more likely!

                It just shows you the importance of getting your own date are for such novel science.  The experiment is not hard to do!

                We have one externally driven years assembly at the bottom of a large flask of water.  And we measure the temperature increase of water!

                Then we publish in nature and hand the basic science over to the production engineers.  Editing physics date: my first published the calculations positrons and electrons have a mass of 8.19x10-14.  Somebody has been editing the physics data!

                Two days they have a mass of 1.676x10-24.  Or even up to twice the mass of a proton!  Which is just crazily wrong!  The old mass give them annihilation energy of 4.5x1015 Watts.  Today in the calculation comes out at 3x103 Watts.

                The latter figure is actually quite nice!  As we will get 106 annihilation is a second.  Giving us 3x1012 Watts from a 20 cm radiant tube.  We would actually want 21 metre tubes.  Giving 120 megawatts!

                By recycling our 100 W of the generated power.  That 109 data correction when the data has 3 places, is a huge correction!

                We are talking about a correction of one billion to a date field with four significant digits!  There date are is produced by physics; who are working so stupid!  After failing to factor in photosynthesis into their fictitious climatic publications!

                They have actually edited the date are from stupendously large to engineering acceptability!  Positron electrons annihilations are the way way the future generates power!

                Even amending the date by a factor of one billion, has actually left the date are extremely useful for power generation!

                I still tend to rely on the all the data!  Pre-edited.  Which gives the positron and electron annihilation energy at 4.5x1015 Watts for each annihilation.

                Shining an electrical heating element into a water bath through a crystal window is accessible science to the hobbyist!  You can work out his own heating affect!

                To do the experiments within universities is trivial!  From my degree in the 1980s an electron mass 1/100,000th that of a proton seems entirely reasonable!  So that negative data are is just crazily wrong!

                But every obvious to engineer in the world can set up his own positron electrons annihilation steam cycle, and get of the real date!

                Which suggests antimatter annihilation starts at 20,000 times as energetic as toxic nuclear fission!  And produces no toxic radioactive waste!

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