Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Antimatter heating


5 December 2012

                Matter of positron electrons=8.19x10-14g.  A recently edited physics date says combine mass=1.8x10-30


                Energy flux per positron electron anialation=3.91x1014W.  The recently edited data suggests only 39 W!  This date are is to five digits of precision.  After over the anialation idea out on the Internet the mass was suddenly 1016 times less!  This is a massive correction!  Remember we are talking five digits are significance here!

                Now an electric element generates 500 electrons per second!  And as the steam bubbles rise through a water bath they does molecular nuclear fusion!  Which increases the energy output of the system by 105.

                So the edited data becomes 4x107!  So a five KW electrical heating element will generate 40 MW.  With no production of carbon dioxide or toxic fission waste.

                Building an electrical emitter above a reflector in an aluminium case, with a crystal window this within the science are two billion garage and university students in the world.

                The crystal window is made from facets of machined crystal, joined by high temperature of proxy!  And rigidly attached to the electrical heating element assembly.

                Once started, the heartbeats scientists can detect the temperature rise of the water!  And even drive a small generator set!  Cooling the steam on a radiator before returning the water to the boiler chamber.

                We are converting electrons into positrons by China or through the crystal!  This is written up in physics papers: which by now have probably been deleted!  It is still true though:

+e- ->-β+

                So this little trick converts electricity into antimatter.  The electrons being supplied by an earth lead to the boiler chamber.

                The positrons annihilate naturally the first electron they encounter.  In this case in the water chamber!  Boiling water gives off nuclear radiation-you can check this with a Geiger counter and a kettle.  Again we it can’t be edited by nuclear power!

                We create steam bubbles along the crystal winder.  Which rise naturally!  Collapsing as they go.  As they do so the hydrogen ions from the old bubble boundary collide, exceeding the strong atomic force for hydrogen!

                So we create helium gas, and really massive heat!  This creates a bubble 10 times larger.  Every person alive has seen this process as a boil a pan of water.

                These bubbles collapse, and the resulting bubbles also collapse!  This multiplies the energy emission by a factor of 1000!  Suddenly we have used a massive heat from very little electrical power!

                We drive a steam cycle and generate and 40 kHz: enough to power a street or two small factories.  From which we subtract an initial 5 KW to start the cycle!

                Once started the system will drive itself!  The system can be started using a heavy weight winched up, to drive an initial generator to start the system of!

                We start a small generator.  This starts a larger generator, which in turn starts at Maine Power generator.

                So the system can be started using human or animal power.  No mains electricity is required.  This system is ideal for the third world!  Way electricity supplies are hard to come by.

                In the developed world every street can utilises its own antimatter generator, to go off grid!  Requiring no mains electricity or gas.  The power is stupendously cheap.

                A working system will cost under 1000 UK pounds.  And last were no maintenance for a decade or 25 years!

                So you burning oil or gas looks horrendously expensive!  Doing toxic nuclear fission block stratospherically expensive and toxic.

                All this was produced using published physics papers available on the Internet.  And the urging of my old PH D engineering supervisor.

Jonathan Thomason

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