Monday, 17 December 2012

Best medicine


17 December 2012

                Every practicing Dr. on earth has taken the Hippocratic oath.  This promises to produce the best available medicine.  It does not promise to maximize income for the drug companies are surgeons!

                Cancer surgery is ineffective medieval mutilation: it is so obviously not the best medicine!  Every Dr. Prescribed in cancer surgery should be instantly struck off!  Any Dr. Had a ministry such mutilation has no place in the Health Service!  They deserve 10 years in jail.

                They do not promise to maximize income for the drug companies.  The best medicine is high intensity focused ultrasound: 150 W 40 kHz applied through a one ended externally mounted sender!

                1 10 second burst of ultrasound will fix all cancers!  And I explain in my book available on ISBN 13388277.  No drugs or surgery is required!  I will make no money out of this idea!

            High intensity focused ultrasound will also cure all infective disease!  With one vast of ultrasound.  Again no drugs are required.

            The person then will not develop cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis or MS.


Jonathan Thomason

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