Monday, 3 December 2012

Biology are very angry

3 December 2012

                That physics and engineering have dared talk about organic carbon without factoring in photosynthesis!  This major biological system results in man having no control over the trace of carbon dioxide left in the air every afternoon!

                More organic carbon results in more life on earth!  With no conceivable effect on the weather.  Free carbon dioxide is a static trace gas in the air!

                To test positron electrons annihilation, we need an electrical heating element in a reflecting aluminium container with a machined crystal window!  At the base of flask of water.

                We feed in electricity through rubber coated wires from an external mains plug.  We then document the temperature rise of the water with a power import from the mains!

                We generate a stream of positrons which annihilate with electrons from water: so the water bath will require an her thing connection!

                Shining an external heating element on to the surface of the water should produce a stream of positrons into water.  The minor complication is that positrons may display and negative mass!  Hence we makes the positrons at the base of the water bath!

                We will get rising steam bubbles, which will do molecular nuclear fusion as a collapse.  Releasing gamma wave radiation and yet more heat!  Proving MNF is probably the greatest science of the early 21st century!  Though I have been on about it says 2001.

                This science is simple to do in any biology lab in the world.  It results in physicist and engineers are looking so stupid!  The answer to which engineers should do and document the work first!

                I will find out on Wednesday if handled by Salford university on theatre production!  I have done three theatre productions since they came to Salford, and I’m quite interested in this work!

                I would be interested in engineering, if engineers have and displayed such total ignorance of photosynthesis!

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