Sunday, 16 December 2012

Cancer does fusion


16 December 2012

                Low power ultrasound ‘shows up’ cancer!  It exposes photographic film in the dark!  So we are talking about a biological organism generating nuclear radiation.

                There is no chemical source of nuclear radiation.  But there is also no chemical source of heliutheirm gas!  And people breathe out helium gas.

                And their beating heart produces gamma wave radiation.  There is no source of nuclear fission.  What we are observing the animal blood systems do nuclear fusion from water!

                Green plants in light also excrete helium and free radical oxygen!  While emitting gamma wave radiation.  No biologist has realized the significance here!  Any chemical engineer in the world would find this singular!  They knew about it.

                We are taking regular water and in turbulent flow turning into helium, oxygen, gamma wave radiation and heat.  So a person’s heart does molecular nuclear fusion 70 times a minute.

                Will Zimmerman in 2010 said he did not understand this.  Is has happily carried on doing it though!  Here we’re so in 2001.

                Fluid turbulence can overcome the strong atomic force.  Which is a lower for hydrogen in compounds rather than as atomic hydrogen!

H2O -> He+O+E+γ

                This is the most important terrestrial Energy System.  As solar radiation passes through moist air, it induces molecular nuclear fusion.

                This is easy to demonstrate in the laboratory!  We have is have a source of steam-with a steam reservoir.  We start A toy jet engine up on aviation fuel and compressed air.

                We then introduce steam into working engine.  And get 10 times more thrust!  We can turn off the aviation fuel and the ensure continued working-sufficient to drive a plane are hypersonic speed-off water!

                Cancer cells preferentially absorb ultrasound, and heat up!  While emitting gamma wave radiation.  Hence my idea in 2001 to use higher power ultrasound.

                This actually causes a massive temperate rise-but only in cancer cells!  Which are pressurised.  The placid body cells are not affected.

                The cancer cell heats up to 60° C and dies.  It heats up to 140° C and fragment explosively!  We now have the technique which kills only cancer cells!  And provokes a four year action against the cancer cells are.

                X rays also affect cancer cells.  But they are also are near severely affect body cells!  Ultrasound at 150 Watts 40 kHz is toxic to cancer cells, and benign to body cells!


Jonathan Thomason

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