Monday, 31 December 2012

Cancer is cured

31 December 2012
                I write this in the dying hours are 2012: the Moffitt cancer centre in America shows that high intensity focused ultrasound cures prostate cancer in 2002!  This works for all cancers.
                Body cells are flaccid and when exposed to ultrasound above 180 Watts/cm2 experience cell content boiling!  Which is fatal.
                Pressurised cancer cells boil at 90 W/cm2.  If we are applying 150 W 40 kHz ultrasound through a one ended cylinder held externally to the body, all cancer cells in the ultrasound power are destroyed!  So violently the immune system wakes up to the undesirability of cancer, and a secondary us throughout the body.
                A one appointment cure to all body cancer!  Why is the NHS messing around with expansive, and pleasant and ultimately fatal Bio chemical treatments.  Which always ends with a patient’s death.
                One session of ultrasound and the cancer is history.  Without any drugs or surgery!  For a decade that drug companies have done a fantastic work disguising the fact that cancer is cured.
                Utilising no drunks what so ever.  This will save the NHS 12,000,000,000 UK pounds a year!
                I explain it all in my book
ISBN 13388277
Ultrasound and cancer
by Jonathan M Thomason
onathan Thomason

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