Saturday, 8 December 2012

Cancer is easy

8 December 2012

                My master’s degree is in systems work.  The problem with cancer is that it is composed of the non dangerous bits of previous infections.  As Dr. Matzinger has noted, is that cancer avoids doing damage to body cells.

                Once it does damage, the AP C.s generate the human antibody and the cancer is cleared!  This struck me as singular.

                2004 professor fossil told me that cancer divides in a single cell way used by viruses.  It avoids scrutiny by the multi cellular dendrite mesh.  The dendrites are AP C.s!

                In 2001 I suggested using higher power ultrasound to treat cancer.  2002 the Moffitt cancer centre for the high intensity focused ultrasound was a one appointment cure to cancer!

                150 W 40 kHz ultrasound applied externally through a one ended 2 cmx 10 cm tube is one such description of the effective ultrasound.  This provides a drug last cure for cancer.

                If we give a drip of IL-2&4, we produce and action the effective human antibody to cancer.  There are six common antibodies to all cancers and viruses.  Five of these two bacterial infections.

                Curing infections prevents the accumulation of pathogen leaders, and so stops cancer.

                My cytokine drip produces the human antibody.  But application of HIFU does this by physical agitation of the single cell structure.  It fragments explosively!  There body cells are not affected.  Except if they are immediately adjacent to a cancer cluster!

                If we arapply the cytokine drip we can cure all infections including HIV!  Ultrasound would also do this!  By the work on this has not been done.

                Once it is done the drug companies go bankrupt!  There any chance for a future is to produce the pills to cure the common cold.  This will prevent cancer and heart disease forming.

                If Cambridge University is not interested, I am lining up an MA in theatre production!  As I love my singing.  And acting.  And writing.  I also have a book on my poetry out on Amazon Kendle.


Jonathan Thomason

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