Saturday, 29 December 2012

cancer is simple


29 December 2012

                Cancer is forced to use the single cell method of division!  As used by all viruses out there.  This avoids scrutiny by the immune system.  All cancers share five enzymes with infective disease, and one to do the cell division!

                Cancer is not random!  It is the result of pathogen genome!  Leading to uncontrolled cell budding.  Of non differentiated cells.

                Like all pathogens cancer cells are overinflated and hard-to gain a vitality advantage on the host immune system.  Usually this does not matter!

                If you apply our 180 W ultrasound to body cells, there cells experience cell boiling!  And joint tissues are damaged-known as white finger disease!

                Cancer cells experience of this process at 90 W-as the heat generation system is initiated by ultrasound is pressure linked!

                Normal body cells give off a bit of nuclear radiation in response to low power ultrasound.  The ultrasound induces molecular nuclear fusion in the cell.  So the cell converts ultrasound into gamma wave radiation.  This is beyond the energy release of chemical processes.

                We are talking nuclear fusion from water.

                If we expose the body to 150 W 40 kHz ultrasound through a 10 CM one ended guided cylinder, the cancer cells experience massive cell content boiling and fragment explosively.

                The clustering dendrites no see the single cell structure causing cell damage to surrounding body cells.  The immune system now recognizes cancer as dangerous!  And will remove any remaining cells in the body.

                A 10 second ultrasound session will remove all primary cancer cells.  The immune system will coals all secondary cells to be removed.

                Diabetes and heart disease are caused by similar pathogen rump Colonies.  A single treatment with ultrasound will cure all the diseases of age!  Biochemistry produces failing cancer treatments.

                Ultrasound will provide a one appointment cure.  All that drug companies have now lost 99.8% of the income!  You do not need a course of ultrasound.  A one appointment session will cure the diseases of age.

                Biochemistry is the wrong answer!  And violate the Hippocratic oath: use the best available medicine to cure illness.


Jonathan Thomason

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