Friday, 21 December 2012

Cancer’s weakness

21 December 2012

                All cancers make it endothelial growth factor: they gain a vitality, but end up hard and overinflated.  A quick buzz of ultrasound at 150 W 40 kHz causes cancer cells to fragment explosively!

                They grow in a single cell way-so usually are not seen by the immune system.  Unless they explode!  Then the immune system seas there novel DNA.  And links it to the cell damage the explosion causes to body cells.

                Dr. MatZinger said in 2000 ‘cancer is growing fast, but is not doing cell damage!  So is ignored by the immune system’.  If we apply high intensity focused ultrasound, suddenly the cancer he is doing cell damage!

                The immune system will then clear the cancer cells from the body.  And it works!  The Moffitt cancer centre has been curing prostate cancer with one application of HIFU says 2002.

                A fact that drug companies are trying to keep quiet!  Cancer has been cured.  Using a physical presence-the application of ultrasound.  At power levels benign two body cells.

                All cancer cells are not directly destroyed are removed by the immune system.  Christmmas 2012-cancer is history!  As he is diabetes and heart disease-both respond to ultrasound.


Jonathan Thomason

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