Saturday, 8 December 2012

Cheap desalination

8 December 2012

                It is very expensive to boil off water!  And nearly as dangerous to force it at high pressure through a filter!  Am not that much energy cheaper.

                The cheapest way to produce pure water from brown or sea water is vacuum desalination!  We apply nearly a metre of vacuum head to the salt was at water.  It boils!

                Leaving all salts and contaminants behind.  The vapour we extract pure water vapour!  We pump this cold gas to high storage!  It warms up on the journey, so we get no compensation.  Until we vent the vapour above the reservoir are.

                It then condenses into a fine mist, the water drops coalesce and fill the reservoir!  With pure water.  Ideal for irrigating fields of crops.  The crops will metabolise carbon dioxide from the air, forming carbohydrates.

                This system operates naturally.  And has resulted in a static trace of carbon dioxide in the global air since the little ice age ended!  Any level rises are hellishly local and transient!  The global average level has been static at 2 parts per million for last two centuries.  As every real scientist on earth knows!

                There is no way that burning the fossil fuels could affect global photosynthesis!  It just increases the active biology on the surface of the air.  No possible effect on the weather.  That is all lie from nuclear power-for the stupid to believe.

                Using a vacuum deceleration we get very eight the dry Lions.  And turn them into lush areas!  The extra plant life will support extract and all life!  The fossil fuels formed from the 85% of life on earth which died with the dinosaurs.

                Over the last two centuries crop yields have increased by 15%!  But global average carbon dioxide is strictly limited to 2ppm.


Jonathan Thomason

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