Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Cheap ultrasound

26 December 2012

                150 W 40 kHz will clear developed cancer!  That sort of ultrasound is readily available on the developed world.  It is being used for swimming and massage.

                Both sets of people are using it as a clears it is cells away!  The cessated cells are less flexible than body cells.  So on to that level of ultrasound, fragment!  120 W will perform this trick!  Of clearing the cells of age away.

                A course of slimming or massage ultrasound is going to come in at $50.00!  Less than the price of buying a personal ultrasound device.

                The devices for commercial use cost $900!  But they are fully certified for human use, and the staff are trained!

                If you have any medical ultrasound scans, take them with you; so they can be sure to ultrasound precancerous all cancers clusters!

                With slowly growing prostate cancer, getting a course of ultrasound around your abdomen down to your waste is going to save your life!  I hope sir Ian Maccalen is reading this!


Jonathan Thomason

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