Friday, 21 December 2012

Christmas and clean power

21 December 2012

                The North Sea used to be Ponderland!  It was above the sea in the Jurassic age.  All the life which died ended up as deep coal deposits!

                When we drill down to magma pockets, the geothermal water percolates over the coal deposits!  So it comes up with methane and oxygen in!  A quick refrigeration cycle, and we make a five the methane gas.

                We vent the oxygen to the air!  Of process it into liquid many quays f FFFoxygen-which has a high commercial value!  So North Sea is a near unless supplies of methane gas-safely away from man!

                Fracking on land turns deep coal deposits into methane and oxygen!  Any spark, and we get a massive explosion!  And the cunning earthquake.

                It is best done offshore!  The care taken to only use copper pipes and all methane is separated from the oxygen!  It does not fractures the rocks, and releases methane!

                There are massive reserves of deep coal around the world!  There is 2000 years of natural gas in the deep.  As we burn this gas, photosynthesis resurrects the Jurassic Life as modern biology.  It does not affect the trace of carbon dioxide left in the air-two parts per million for last two centuries!

                But we can do better than this!  Lightning is driven by the chaotic descent of water drops to the ground.  They form helium and oxygen gases-the oxygen ends up as ozone!  The helium is lost to space.

                We build up an electric charge.  When we have 5000 volts we get a lightening down strike!  When this touches the ground, it connects the charge on the ground and the cloud tops!  The massive up rush of electrons through a steam plasma does loads of molecular nuclear fusion.

                I have been writing articles on the Internet about MNF for four years!  Man made climate change is PR from nuclear power-who dare not acknowledge that nature does nuclear fusion from water.

                Generating no toxic plutonium or strontium: no continental toxic death after all!  Nuclear power generates toxic waste which is fatal for 100,000 years!  And massively over expensive power.

                A steam plasma tube 1m long will generate 6 MW!  And above four atmospheres will self sustain once started.  Turning regular water into heat and light.

                It is the power of the waterfall!  Which generates helium, heat and electricity!  Green crops in light turning carbon dioxide and water into methane, helium and oxygen.

                Nature is powered by MNF.  If man generated all his power using a steam plasma tube, we will produce no carbon dioxide an utterly no toxic plutonium!  For free.

                No expensive carbon fuel bound.  No toxic death!  Merry Christmas.


Jonathan Thomason

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