Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Christmas Nuclear fusion


25 December 2012

                They did a master’s degree in to Engineering Materials in the 1980s!  There some chemical reactions are a bit of nuclear radiation!  And presumably produced helium gas!  No chemical reaction is energetic enough to generate nuclear radiation.

                The chemical ions are moving around an aqueous solution so fast, converts some the water into helium and oxygen gases!

1              H2O->He+O+E+γ             where γ= gamma wave radiation

                So all chemists that the world know her to do nuclear fusion!  Physics has warmed them all off this area.  Physics has done nothing with it!

                Metallurgical ultrasound produces a stream of helium bubbles, and liberates nuclear radiation!  And so it does 1!  Engineers only need to use a syringe to collect the bubbles.

                Gas analysis will demonstrate the presence of helium gas.  The deep sea naturally produces helium and oxygen.  There is no chemical source helium gas.

                Green crops in the light produce helium, oxygen and gamma wave radiation!  Which is already written up in the university biology text books.

                Your own beating heart produces gamma wave radiation!  And you breathe out helium and free radical oxygen!  There is no chemical source of helium or gamma wave radiation.

                Every biological organism on earth does molecular nuclear fusion for free!  From regular water.  Molecular nuclear fusion is a nuclear fusion of hydrogen ions bound up in compounds.  The natural world defence for the energy release produce!

                That is why he the world is lousy with the production of helium gas and gamma wave radiation!  The natural world does 1044 Watts of work a day from the energy release is a lightening does nuclear fusion from regular water.

Jonathan Thomason       JonThm9@aol.com

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