Monday, 17 December 2012

Curing infections


17 December 2012

                Bacteria get the B cells to copy their genome-using the antibody system!  A non activated immune system will copy out several enzymes.  Once the immune system there is activated only a single enzyme will be copied!  This is obviously are no use to bacteria.

                Once we have five fungal antibiotics the new cell stop copping out the bacteria.

                If we give my cytokine drip of interleukin two and four a wash of antibodies is produced!  Viruses will produce the antibody against a single cell type division!  This will act as an on demand contraceptive.

                No immune memory is retained here: otherwise all life childbirth would be impossible!

                For any infection interleukin two and four will produce and action the specific antibody.  Pills of this drug alone will cure other people of that disease!

                A new antibody pill is required at least every year!  For every an infection circulating the environment.  This is a lot of pills!

                It.  The development of cancer and heart disease.  Also diabetes, arthritis, IBS and MS.  It could be the most significant amounts in human health since the development of fungal antibiotics!

                There is a specific antibodies for all 200 types of cancer out there.  Plus six general ones which have a low potency.


Jonathan Thomason

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