Sunday, 30 December 2012

Curing mental health problems


30 December 2012

                When an individual has a viral or bacterial infection for a period of time the pathogen shows its genome by putting out strips of RNA.  These are picked up by other infections, but also by cessated cells.

                They can form pathogen rumps in the brain!  And then make inappropriate neuro transmitter enzymes, which leads to a mental health problems!  Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or simple, dimensia.

                These rumps do no harm to other cells!  So the immune system gives am T cell tolerance.  This is exactly the process we C in cancer or heart disease.  Cancer is a viral rump sharing six enzymes with infective disease.

                Heart disease is caused by a bacterial rump on the coronary arteries.  All such rumps are overinflated-to give them a vitality advantage on the immune system.

                They have a minimal cell walls all are grown in a single cell fashion.  They are especially vulnerable to ultrasound.

                150 W 40 kHz ultrasound will remove such rumps!  For viral rumps the explosive fragmentation will cause an immune action to clear the rump throughout the body.

                How to get hold of such a device!  Buy the appropriately specified unit, sold for signing reasons!  And licensed for human use.  Applying the ultrasound to the head should remove that mental health problems.

                Though this process may take six months.  A course of ultrasound will be ideal!  We do not even have to buy the device.

                This process is especially important for cancer!  Where ultrasoundThe in the cancerous organ will clear the cancer at only one application!  This is experience of the Moffitt cancer centre in American.

                I had three people send up on blogger about mental health issues.  Really they should try and the process out, it will either cure the disease or have no affect!  A suitable device for personal use costs 35 UK pounds.


Jonathan Thomason

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