Thursday, 27 December 2012

Dynamic balance


27 December 2012

                The Permian age had 1000 year ice age, which only abated as photosynthesis talk hold.  Reducing free carbon dioxide from 10 parts per million.

                In the Jurassic photosynthesis left four parts per 1,000,000 carbon dioxide in the air.  It had 65% more life than their ears on earth today!  Sea levels were 60 metres lower.

                But there were three natural ice ages!  The last 180,000,000 years ago air.  No doubt carbon dioxide levels would have risen during these ice ages!

                Through or recorded history carbon dioxide levels only risen during a natural ice ages.  In a temperate or warm periods free carbon dioxide is limited to the minimum for photosynthesis to take this gas in.

                For last 200 years this has been two parts per million: in the little ice age the global air had four parts per million carbon dioxide in!  Within recorded history.

                Every day photosynthesis proceeds until global carbon dioxide falls below two parts per million.  Volcanic eruptions or forest fires have a growth spurt, caused by the extra available carbon dioxide.

                Carbon dioxide has a 5 minute residency in the air, before photosynthesis converts it into active biology.  So removing carbon dioxide from the air-before the weather systems the sensitive to any increase the level of this gas.

                The stratosphere and troposphere have only ever seen a static level of two parts per million in the modern epoch.

                Where have all the higher data the carbon dioxide readings come from?  The diseased pens of the paid stooges to nuclear power!

                There never could be any man made global warming due to increasing level of carbon dioxide in the global air-because they never having any!  All the academics who have ever written papers on this subject so obviously should not be in education.

                You are teaching against the carbon cycle-the biological system that supports all life on earth.  Including yours!  Certainly no reporter should be employed by the media if he has ever written papers about man made climate change.

                The natural climate cooled from 1998!  So the world has experienced pressing years of global cooling, after 12 years of natural global warming!  All, related to predictable solar cycles.

                Man made climate change is an attempt by nuclear stooges to when the natural weather on a static level of the trace gas in the air!  The gas which supports all life on earth.

                And yes I know some life does use the Salford circuit!  But the bulk of life on earth uses the carbon system.

                If nuclear power car understand the carbon system, there is no hope for these ‘scientists’!  Carbon supports life on earth: European carbon limits on attempt to distort the energy market.

                EU law specifically makes such attempts to break the market with favour of or toxic industry illegal!  All European carbon tax is are biological nonsense.  And contravene European community law.

                Ghost is there a existence of toxic nuclear power!  The only industry which causes death on a continental scale.  The least green industry that will ever exist!

Jonathan Thomason

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