Sunday, 30 December 2012

Engineers can cure cancer

30 December 2012

                Every engineering department in the world has experience of ultrasound!  Ultrasound below 180 Watts/cm2 is benign to body cells.  Ultrasound above 90 W/cm2 is toxic to cancer cells.

                Making the pressurised cells fragment explosively.  This induces an immune action to clear all cancer cells from the body.

                150 W ultrasound applied through a 10 cm guid cylinder held above the cancerous organ, external to the body cures all cancers!

                All cancer cells are over pressurised and under supported.  High intensity focused ultrasound is toxic to cancer cells!  As demonstrated by the Moffitt cancer centre Florida says 2002!

                So all engineering departments in the world can cure all cancers!  Cost about 10¢. Read

ISBN 13388277

Ultrasound and cancer by Jonathan M Thomason

Jonathan Thomason

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