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Every biological organism does nuclear fusion

18 December 2012

                All biological organisms on earth turn water and carbon dioxide into helium, free radical oxygen, carbohydrates, gamma wave radiation and heat:

1                     mCO2+(n+p)(H2O+O2)+L->pHe+(n+p)O3+mCn(H2O)+E+γ

Where L= electromagnetic radiation with a frequency of UV light or higher!  So on that land photosynthesis rules!  But at hot smokers bacteria is gamma wave radiation to support massive ecosystems!

        The gamma waves are the result of steam bubbles passing through high pressure water and doing molecular nuclear fusion again:

2                      H2O+T -> He+O+E+γ

                Here the gamma wave radiation is Omni present!  And so will catalyse bacteria to do 1!  With only intermittent light flashes from the MNF going off all around!

                The presence of helium and ozone, plus gamma wave radiation and heat occurs only in areas where nature is doing molecular nuclear fusion from water.  This includes every biological organism on earth.

                Boils excrete and animals respair helium and ozone!  We give out nuclear radiation in time with your poles.  Green plants in light generate helium and gamma wave radiation-both nuclear products!  With no source of nuclear fission.

                All life on earth does molecular nuclear fusion from water!  Physicists have been trying unsuccessfully for 60 years to do atomic nuclear fusion!  Recently wasting our $100,000,000,000 on the great hadron collider.

                As my PH D supervisor had told me 2001 linear flow will never do atomic nuclear fusion.  Every sun in the universe uses a mixed hydrogen and helium plasma to do nuclear fusion.

                The Corona is where the nuclear fusion goes on!  That absor falls as we get into the suns interior-when the pressure is higher.  A plasma is chaotic!  Not linear.

                To study nuclear fusion physicist only have to walk into a greenhouse.  With a Geiger counter and air sampling equipment!  There will find gamma wave radiation and helium.  And no source on nuclear fission.

                The physicist themselves breathe out helium!  And give out gamma wave radiation in time with the heartbeat.  The cell mitochondria and the pressure waves in the blood stream both do molecular nuclear fusion.

                To study atomic nuclear fusion (why?  Nature on earth does loads of molecular nuclear fusion from water) we should fire up a mixed hydrogen and helium plasma in a glass tube.  For a family submerged in a water bath!

                As a are going to get out so much heat and gamma wave radiation.  As we transform the hydrogen into naked protons and electrons!

H->p++e-              p++e- ->n0

1P+1/2n0 ->2/3H -> E+L+γ

                So physicists do not need an at massively expensive life a fusion torous.  A small fusion torous where we give the orbiting hydrogen ions spin creates circulating ions in turbulent flow.

                Which will give us nuclear fusion big time!  The old torouses lying idle and physics departments since the 1950s can easily be modified to do experiments on atomic nuclear fusion.

                Every greenhouse in light does macroscopic molecular nuclear fusion.  The air sampling will show the presence of helium gas!  Of which there is no chemical source.  It green is has no source of nuclear fission.

                The plants also the rate gamma wave radiation.  Of which again there is no chemical source.

                A gas plasma in a tube is the most affecting way of studying nuclear fusion!  For $5.00 we can set up the system doing nuclear fusion.

                Above four atmospheres pressure, the plasma will self sustain while we supplement the hygiene gas-which is converted into heat and light.

                With no source of carbon dioxide.  And producing utterly no plutonium or strontium!  Waterfalls do molecular nuclear fusion!  And are the only natural source or strontium.  There is no natural source of toxic plutonium.

                Nuclear power uniquely produces continental toxic death!  And toxic waste which remains fatal for 100,000 years.  This is stupid!

                A steam plasma in a glass tube will do molecular nuclear fusion-as lightening does!  Which is why lightning produces helium and gives off gamma wave radiation.

                At 6 MW/m.  Producing only inert helium and oxygen gases!  The oxygen will fission away into more heat and light.  So we convert regular water into heat and light.

                No enriched uranium is required!  No toxic waste is produced.  Welcome to nuclear fusion!  Your heart has been doing it in every beat says you’re for our ancestors were formed!  Here we are talking about the first multi cellular life on earth!

                Point of fact growing bacteria do molecular nuclear fusion!  Which is 3.8 billion years ago!

Jonathan Thomason       JonThm9@aol.com

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