Sunday, 23 December 2012

evil industry

23 December 2012

                Nuclear power is apparently a familiar with the carbon cycle!  Photosynthesis converts all additional carbon dioxide every day into plant life!  Which in turn supports animal life.

                Only in ice ages can free carbon dioxide levels in the air rise!  In the Permian 1000 year ice age carbon dioxide levels today’s trace level of two parts per 1,000,000!  Air a level which has been static says levels halved at the end of the little ice age!

                The Jurassic had no fossil fuels.  There was 65% more life on earth!  And sea levels 60 metres lower.  Though it had twice the level of carbon dioxide in the air-photosynthesis was less evolved.

                The Jurassic age had three natural ice ages!  The carbon dioxide levels rising from 4ppm.

                EDF was the show the world carbon dioxide was a problem!  When it manifestly wasn’t.  There gas supports all life on earth-including yours!  Oxygen is the waste gas excreted from photosynthesis.

                It runs a coal fired power station in Scotland!  Which involved from Scottish Power.  Nobody in the world would argue that the micro particulates from coal burning is a and desirable!  Falling black soot with SO2 in.

                Though again science has to take in a minute trace of sulphur dioxide.  EDF should instantly shut down and that power plant.

                Aged nuclear plants are almost as dangerous as a PW R type reactor at Sizewell B.  Burning natural gas has a lower global carbon for print than toxic nuclear power!

                Nuclear power mines, and purifies and ships uranium fuel around the globe using diesel engine’s!  Its staff travel to work in petrol and diesel powered cars.

                Nuclear power replaces its plants every 25 years: though it has limited its own nuclear plants in England to exceed this!  If ecoshere waiting to happen!  Concrete production for a pounds releases thousands of tonnes of carbon dioxide into the air.

                All taken together, nuclear power has a bigger carbon for print than burning natural gas!  The carbon dioxide produced stimulates plant growth!

                Global carbon dioxide levels are static, which is why global warming prevents carbon emissions-which it itself decides!  They have no factual basis.

                Only at diesel exhausts can ever transient level of carbon dioxide greater than the global average of two parts per million.

                Manmade global warming and climate change are obviously fictitious!  As the average global level of carbon dioxide in the air is a free industrial two parts per million.  A number nobody in the world has argued with over the last nine years!

                That was when I started publishing the FACT on the Internet!  Nuclear power is the most deadly, least green industry on earth.

                Burning natural gas is a cheapest way to produce power on this planet!  And also the brains the lease carbon dioxide of any power industry.

                Again global photosynthesis has resulted in a static level of average global carbon dioxide for last two centuries.  Anyone arguing with this is totally ignorant of high school biology!

                They deserve no place in education or the media!  They are paid nuclear stooges.

                Nuclear power is very far from being low carbon!  It nearly liberates as much as burning oil per kilowatt hour of generated power.

Jonathan Thomason

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