Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Extra life

            Burning the fossil fuels restores Jurassic Life to the modern environment-in present biological form!

            It does not increase the trace of carbon dioxide left in the global air by modern photosynthesis!  Only a natural ice age can do that!  Natural Global Cooling or what!

            Carbon emissions are spurious fiction from the base stooges to nuclear power.  Since when did we are allowing these people to decide on our taxes-to their benefit!

            The world governments are taxing their citizens according to nuclear fiction.  It is -7° C in Manchester today.  If global warming had even been nearly two it would be 40° C!

            And all sea levels would be 38 feet higher!  In the Jurassic age there were no fossil fuels.  65% more life on earth and sea levels 60 metres lower.

            There were three natural ice ages!  That is what carbon emissions do!  Increase life and lower the seas.

            So is as taught in high school biology.

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