Wednesday, 26 December 2012

False study


26 December 2012

                Global photosynthesis prevents man having any impact on carbon dioxide levels in the air.  CO2 levels can only rise in a natural ice age!  When snow covers the land, and the ice covers the seas.

                There is no mystery about this!  Every real scientist on the planet was taught in high school that photosynthesis pegs carbon dioxide levels.

                At university we learnt in a modern epoch this is down to two parts per million.  The static level for last two centuries: levels were higher in the little ice age!

                Key is no man made global warming or climate change!  That is nuclear fiction!  No real scientist would research their fictional PR!

                No real scientist would never research man made climate change!  It is an oxymoron!  A biological impossibility.  An he has nothing to do with man!  The weather cools and warms.  According to predictable solar cycles.

                All scientists researching manmade climate change are not real scientists!  On the world should not be paying them!  Such individuals would struggle to sit the right way on the toilet seat!


Jonathan Thomason

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