Thursday, 6 December 2012

Fixing the liver, MS and the heart


6 December 2012

                A college friend of mine died two days ago!  At the age of 48.  He had a heart attack and died while horny and liver transplant in Sweden.  I presume this was due to his liking of alcoholic beverages.

                The liver is an amazing organ!  If split in two, it will regenerate to full size.  So allowing two people to benefit from one donated liver.

                As with the brain scleroses are a big problem!  Both organs can accumulate large numbers of inoperative cells.  Unless they are doing cell damage, the body Armour is them to remain as an on body food store.

                Even if there cell is inactive, he will not be replaced with new active biology!  As the cell space is occupied!

                During an immune assault the macrophages clear such defective cells!  Which are then replaced from the stem cells.  Which is why aged people thes serious wait while ill.

                If we give a drip of IL-2&4, the immune clearance system starts!  All pathogen altered cells are targeted for removal by the IL-4.

                IIL-2 activates the macrophages!  But MS is caused by inappropriate secretion of IL-2 by a pathogen altered cells in the CNS.

                The answer to MS is to give additional IL-4 while the person is well.  This will coals another relapse, but the MS will be cleared!

                A drip of IL-2&4 will correct for body cell damage!  Including liver scleroses.  All heavy drinkers would benefit from such treatment!  But then most refrain from drinking alcohol ever again.


Jonathan Thomason

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