Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Fluorescent fission


19 December 2012

                They fluorescent tube starts off the Na and the Mercury in.  At the end of its life the tube has H, He and C in.  And little of the original Mercury.

                A glass plasma initiates nuclear fission!  We need a high current burn in, which converts some the Na into helium and hydrogen.  Is it you ages it loses weight!  As the matter is converted into heat and light.

                No uranium is involved!  We do atomic nuclear fission from low atomic weights.  All nuclear fission up to iron takes in energy!  This has to be offset by the thinning of hydrogen into heat, light, nuclear radiation and lower frequency electromagnetic radiation.

                Topping up a fluorescent tube with a steam would continue this process and infinitum.  The decrease in Mercury may become important.  Providing we never actually turn the tube off a should not be a problem:

                We step the tube down to allow emission mode during the day.  Fluorescent tubes officially produce large amounts of infrared radiation, a force for converts this into visible light!

                It is an ideal source of heat energy.


Jonathan Thomason

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