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2 December 2012

                In the deep earth conditions are anaerobic!  They are reducing.  So all carbohydrates are reduced to carbon deposits!

Cm(H2O)n -> mC +n(H2O)

                The idea the carbohydrates can exist in the deep is chemically naïve!  The conditions in the deep break down the carbohydrates to carbon and water.

                Well we pass steam over these, we form natural gas!

                                C+3H2O -> He+CH4+3O+γ

                There is no chemical source of helium!  Yet all natural gas around the planet has helium in naturally!  I am staggered that no chemist has ever explained this!  The formation of natural gas is a nuclear process.

                The gamma wave radiation is contained in the deep!  However we should find that the isotope ratio is biased towards 14C.  So nature around this planet is do nuclear fusion every second of the day!

                The combustion of hydrocarbons all carbohydrates into carbon dioxide and water also these to the production of helium!  And an abnormal ratio of 14C.

                Photosynthesis also does molecular nuclear fusion!

mCO2+3nH2O -> Cm(H2O)n+2nHe+2mO+E+γ

                The production of helium and free radical oxygen is on record!  The free radical bonds with molecular oxygen to form ozone.  This is why waterfalls and the countryside smell of ozone!

                Every day photosynthesis proceeds until carbon dioxide levels fall below two parts per million.  Ten seconds after 12.00!  So every morning there are more sinks for carbon dioxide.

                In the Jurassic there were no fossil fuels but 65% more life on earth.  Resulting me C levels were 60 metres lower.  Burning all fossil fuels and deep coal deposits are the present rate will take 2000 years!

                And rewind the biological clock to the Jurassic!  More life on the earth.  A more temperate climate around the earth!  The poles were home to a massive deciduous forests.  The equator was cycles the global rain forests.

                Exactly opposite to the predictions of man made climate change.  The world started cooling 1998.  So man made global warming is so obviously fictional!  Photosynthesis has produced a static level of carbon dioxide in the air at two parts per million since the little ice age..

                In the little ice age they were higher-at four parts per million.  This means is 2000 years of natural gas we can extract from continental shelves around the world.

                We can shine an electric element on a crystal, and get a stream of positrons!  To balance the gain of electrons by the crystal.  As they annihilate with electrons from the boiler room each annihilation releases 4.5x1015 Watts of power.

                Nature games a limitless stream electrons from solar radiation.  We convert some of these into limitless power.  With no carbon dioxide.  And no toxic nuclear fission!

                Nuclear power is the least green technology that will ever exist!  For wrecking the north sea will avoid environmental process.  And give access to 2000 years of natural methane to burn.  Then it is over to a crystal power!


Jonathan Thomason


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