Sunday, 23 December 2012

Fusion on earth


23 December 2012

                The chaotic descent of rain drops in a rain storm produces helium and free radical oxygen gases!  The releases gamma wave radiation and heat.  The helium and hydroxyl ions creates an electrical potential!


                Academia has nuclear fusion lined up as its big cash cow-when the world realises that global photosynthesis converts all additional carbon emissions into extra life on earth!  So preventing a build up of carbon dioxide in the air.

                Mankind lives with the natural weather!  Created purely by solar emissions.  Extra carbon emissions returns the Jurassic the fossil fuels back to the active environment!

                In the Permian there was 1000 year ice age, with five times the static level of carbon dioxide that has been in the modern air for last two centuries.  Levels were last higher little ice age!

                The great hadron collider will not give the world nuclear fusion.  The physics equipment needs perpendicular magnetic fields to give the orbiting hydrogen ions spin!

                Even hear the various signs of a head on collider works against it!  We want a turbulent flow-not linear flow.  A small fusion torous it would give us this.  The very size.  The very size of the Hadron collider works against this!

                The Corona of every sun in the universe has a hydrogen plasma in turbulent flow!  It is this turbulence which gives us nuclear fusion.

                In a rain clouds the turbulent descent of water particles has and in chaotic flow!  They collide hydrogen ions first.  And above the strong atomic force!  Here’s the production of helium ions.

                When we get a potential of 5000 volts a steam plasma traces to the ground!  Linking up all the electoral holes!  This steam plasma gives off a bit of gamma wave radiation.

                When he touches the ground we get an up flow of ½ MW of electrons!  Now the steam plasma forms 5 tonnes of helium gas!  This is equivalent to 2.5x1030 Watts of energy.

                We form 18 tonnes of free radical oxygen-which leads to all the ozone gas we can smell!  We generate light heat and higher energy electromagnetic radiation.

                Light and high energy electromagnetic radiation only be produced by nuclear reactions!  The formation of helium ions is likewise symptomatic of nuclear reactions.

                We have no source of nuclear fusion!  We are doing nuclear fusion from regular water.  Nature does every 3 minutes around the world warmed physics has failed to do in the last 50 years.

                It does massively exothermic nuclear fusion!  From regular water.

                The a three meter tower into which we spray a fine mist of water drops, will give us nuclear fusion at the base!  Producing gamma wave radiation, helium gas and massive heat!  Will also form O gas.

                This plant is obviously almost trivial to build!  It will produce hot steam at the base!  We can years this to drive a turbine!  It be at four atmospheres pressure.

                Power with no carbon dioxide!  Remember here, the global impact of nuclear power produces more carbon dioxide than burning natural gas does.

                Most of the carbon emissions are concerned with mining, purifying and shipping uranium ore from the third world!

                Is plant building programme is considerable.  Is plant is replaced every 25 years.  And he each plant countries thousands of tonnes of carbon dioxide to the air!

                This is why nuclear power has just shut up about climate change!  It never factored in global photosynthesis.  Which converts additional carbon dioxide back into active biology!  Removing the carbon dioxide from the air.

                All the fossil fuels were active biology in prehistory.  Modern photosynthesis on land and in the seas resurrects that life in modern form!  The very idea that man could affect photosynthesis is a scientifically stupid concept ever thought up.

                Any scientist who has ever written papers on man made global warming or climate change is so obviously not a scientist!  And has no place in education.  Likewise a reporter writing coffee on man made climate change should have no employment in the media!

                A simple rain tube allows man to simply access molecular nuclear fusion from water.  It is the way that nature accesses nuclear fusion on earth.

                Why preference would be for a steam plasma tube!  Which once initiated at four atmospheres pressure, itself sustains!  Turning regular water into heat or higher frequency electromagnetic radiation.

                Surrounding the steam plasma in a temperate shield with FeO rather than sand as a concrete further will reflect all higher frequency radiation back into the steam plasma!

                We produce a massively exothermic structure which runs at 800° C of regular water.  Producing no carbon dioxide an utterly no toxic fission waste!

                Burning of carbon fuels produces a steam plasma!  Which produces massive heat and a little higher frequency electromagnetic radiation.  So the world is already driven using molecular nuclear fusion.

                No great Hadro are collider costing 100s of billions of dollars is required!  Environmental sciences can teach the world about nuclear fusion!  Physics cannot.

Jonathan Thomason

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