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Fusion plant


28 December 2012

                A steam turbine plant gives off gamma wave radiation, as it turns regular water into helium and oxygen gases or surgery!  We them for this heat away to the air!  Very stupid.  Professor Will Zimmerman gave me the answer to this 2001!

                We take off 15% appear that steam.  The rest goes off to a cooling tower as today!  It meets the low pressure end of a helical turbulence heat exchanger!  The cold end of a double helical heat pump.

                This transfers the heat into a cold gas.  To explain in the Carnot cycle:

The Carnot cycle is a theoretical thermodynamic cycle proposed by Nicolas Léonard Sadi Carnot in 1823.  We transfer the heat into a low pressure end of a gas cycle.

            We then pressurise the gas, and we can lose the heat at a low of 80 temperatures!

                This allows all air conditioners in the world to work.  Pressurise being a gas makes it hot.  So can lose the heat to the environment.  Then where we vent the gas, reduce the pressure, it gets cold!

                As the temperature of the gas is effectively the number of collisions on the container war in a given time.  If we reduce the volume of the container, effectively that temperature has been increased-though we have added no heat.

                So we lose the steam heat into a low pressure gas!  When we pressurise the gas we can boil off water in the boiler room-a venting the steam at higher pressure!

                This system does lose 20% of the heat!  Theoretically we only need 12% of the heat from the exit steam.  We are efficiency losses this means we must utilise 15 per cent of the steam.

                Was at temperature, we burn no fossil fuels-we do no massively toxic nuclear fission: how interesting that nuclear power utilises the steam cycle!  The steam turbine is the simplest way for man to access molecular nuclear fusion.

                So once running we utilise a minuscule quantity of the system fluid-the water; which we turn into helium, oxygen, heat and gamma wave radiation.

                The cooling tower utilises 10,000 times as much!  So most energy around the planet is generated using nuclear fusion.  Going from water-molecular hydrogen, rather than atomic hydrogen.

                If we are bothered about the emission of fossil fuel bound, we can years a lightning power!  Heavy rain produces helium, oxygen, gamma wave radiation and heat.  The chaotic flow of rain drops does molecular nuclear fusion.

                The He2+ rises to above the clouds.  The 2xOH -falls to the ground!  Hence the feeling of electricity in heavy rain.  Rain close operates as a massive natural battery.

                When we have 5000 volts potential, we get a lightening down strike.  Caused by the gradual drift of electron holes to the ground.  Which sets up a steam plasma.

                When he touches the ground we get a lightening up strike which converts ½ MW into 2.5x1024 MW!  The this is nature doing molecular nuclear fusion big time.

                Scale down, a 2 CM thick, one metre long steam plasma in a glass tube will release 6 MW continuously from the molecular nuclear fusion we are doing.  Above four atmospheres pressure, the plasma self sustains!

                So we can start the steam cycle off utilising no fossil fuel bound.  And absolutely no toxic nuclear fission!  The only technology all mankind’s which causes continental toxic death.

                And produces waste which remains fatal for 100,000 years!  Sheffield University know her to neutralise this toxic waste!  Utilising molecular nuclear fusion as a constant source of neutrons!

                Which causes the toxic isotope of uranium to fission into savour elements!  Naked molecular nuclear fusion produces inert helium and ¼ oxygen you breathe!

                MNF produces no toxic death!  It cannot be utilised by a terrorist to produce bombs.  Nuclear fission is the worst idea mankind ever had!  The least green technology that will ever exist!

                Burning carbon fuels increases plant growth.  This totally limits the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air.  At a static two parts per million for last two centuries.

                Levels were last higher in the little ice age!  The Jurassic the warm periods had four parts per 1,000,000 carbon dioxide in the air!  The three natural ice ages with higher power is 8ppm.  The last Jurassic ice age was 180,000,000 years ago air.

                The Permian 1000 year ice age sore free carbon dioxide at 10ppm.  Manmade global warming and climate change from country to all historical data are!  They are plain wrong: as known to every real scientist on the planet!

                They are nuclear PR!  Designed to kill.


Jonathan Thomason

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