Sunday, 2 December 2012

How can carbon increase?


2 December 2012

                Each day photosynthesis proceeds until free carbon dioxide falls below two parts per million.  Over last 200 years mankind has released 0.00004% additional carbon dioxide by burning the fossil fuels.

                They used to be active biology!  By combining the the the oxygen-the waste gas of plants, they are converted back into carbon dioxide-the gas of life!

                Which global photosynthesis turns back into active biology!  So the next day there are more plants, algae and bacteria or waiting to metabolise that day’s carbon dioxide!

                Photosynthesis proceeds until carbon dioxide falls below two parts per million!  Air circulates.  So the global average carbon dioxide level in the afternoon air all the for the world is two parts per million.

                Cities, towns and mankind’s engines are too insignificant to have any global effect!  By burning the fossil fuels man is increasing life on earth!  He is acting as a super animal.

                Photosynthesis strictly limits the free carbon dioxide level in the air.  Throughout history carbon dioxide has only risen as there is less photosynthesis-like in an ice age!

                If extra carbon dioxide warmed the air, there never could have been an ice age!  The Permian mega ice age lasted 1000 years, with five times the level of carbon dioxide in the air!

                It ended as photosynthesis evolved, then global carbon dioxide levels crash to only one part per million.  90% of life died.  In simple carbon crisis!

                More environmental organic carbon equates to more life on earth!  It does not equate to more carbon dioxide in the air.  That is biologically impossible.

                All scientists who have published work on man made global warming or climate change have no place in education!  They are nuclear stooges.  They are the enemies of life.

                Nuclear power is the least green industry that will ever exist!


Jonathan Thomason

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