Thursday, 13 December 2012

Impossible science


13 December 2012

                We teach Xi your old schoolchildren that every day plants grow, to use up all the available carbon dioxide!  At university we learnt this is down to the modern level of two parts per million.

                So since industrial revolution all the extra carbon dioxide has been transformed into active biology!  With only a 5 minute delay.

                So the world climate has seen a static level of carbon dioxide in the air, says levels halved at the end of the little ice age.  In the Jurassic the three natural ice ages had increased levels of carbon dioxide!

                In the Permian 1000 year ice age carbon dioxide reached five times today’s present trace!  So burning carbon fuels increases life on earth.  Is has no conceivable affect on the weather!  As the level of carbon dioxide in the air has been static for two centuries.

                Nuclear power was desperate to make up some PR justification for its toxic trade after the Chernobyl incident in 1986.

                All went well for manmade global warming-other than the fact that every scientist on the planet knew that photosynthesis limited the free carbon dioxide in the air.  Man could only increase life on earth!  In other words manmade global warming was nuclear fiction!

                In 1998 the world climate started cooling: hence the sudden adoption of man made climate change-as the latest nuclear fiction!

                Again every scientist on earth knew they can never be an increase of carbon dioxide in the air bubble planet was covered with plants doing photosynthesis.

                Nuclear power provided near unlimited funps for any scientist who would write fictitious papers on their PR fiction.  Doesn’t make it true though.

                Any academic who has ever published any work on man’s affect on the climate is writing spurious fiction!  And deserves no place in education.

                Similarly any reporter spurting nuclear fiction should not have any position in the media!  This particularly applies to the fictitious journalists at the i!


Jonathan Thomason

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