Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Life is carbon dioxide!


26 December 2012

                Each day around the world photosynthesis proceeds, converting carbon dioxide into carbohydrates-plant growth!  Until carbon dioxide falls below two parts per 1,000,000!  So photosynthesis imposes a cap of free carbon dioxide in the air.

                In the Jurassic photosynthesis was less evolved!  And so it left 4ppm CO2 in the air.  There was 65% more life on land!  And sea levels were 60 metres lower.

                There were three natural ice ages in the Jurassic!  The last 180,000,000 years ago air.  With free carbon dioxide at twice the present values!

                Then a comet wiped out 85% of life on earth.  And formed the fossil fuels!  So in the Jurassic age there were no fossil fuels!

                Carbon dioxide levels can only rise in natural ice ages!  As the snow covers the land, and the ice covers the seas!  So ensuring there is less plant growth.

                As mankind burns the fossil fuels, he restores life that is being preserved in the deep was 65,000,000 years.  Every day for last two centuries there has been 0.00004% extra carbon dioxide in the global air.

                Plants have metabolised it, so every day there are more plants poised to take in carbon dioxide.  Forest fires or volcanic eruptions are 50,000 times as important for local carbon dioxide production and monies.

                Plants grow like mad!  Carbon dioxide around the world has 5 minutes before it is employed or in photosynthesis.  So the global weather system has seen a static two parts per million carbon dioxide in the air for last two centuries: since the industrial revolution!

                In the little ice age free carbon dioxide was back at 4ppm.  In the Permian mega rises age which lasted 1000 years there was 10ppm carbon dioxide in the air.

                You ever thought up manmade global warming was totally ignorant about biology and history.  An environment and the carbon cycle…  Take a bow nuclear power!

                They paid their stooges to make them ‘green’ after Chernobyl: which so far only demonstrated the world nuclear power is the toxic Irene Technology!

                Chernobyl was 1986.  The natural climate started cooling 1998.  This is 2013.  So the climate has been cooling longer than it had warmed-totally naturally!  Carbon dioxide levels have not changed in 200 years.

                History demonstrates that free carbon dioxide levels only rise in ice ages.  You were taught this in high school biology.  When you’re not paying attention?

                Burning carbon fuels restores life to active environment.  More nuclear power causes death on a continental scale.  Germany and Japan have now decided nuclear power is too toxic!

                America no longer has an active nuclear programme.  Only France and Russia still have nuclear power-to make weapons to keep Germany arway!  Nuclear fission creates death.

                If man made climate change was real, recent history was suggest global cooling off water of the day.  The north pole is benefiting from the attention of nuclear power ice breakers.

                This up all has a record ice mass.  Harvard University put on record August 2010 that is man. The burned the fossil fuels crop yields had increased.  This is exactly what we would expect.

                Noboby outside mental institutions would ever assume a static trace gas had any affect on anything.  That is what carbon dioxide is!  Extra carbon dioxide is converted into additional plant bulk within 5 minutes of being produced.

                Nuclear waste and is toxic for 100,000 years: you do the maths!  CO2 increases global life.  Nuclear power increases global toxic death.

Jonathan Thomason

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