Sunday, 23 December 2012

Lightening does nuclear fusion

23 December 2012

                Heavy rain creates a chaotic stream of colliding water droplets which fall to the ground!  They release gamma wave radiation and produce helium and oxygen gases!  And produce loads of heat.

                The helium is as positively charged hydrogen ions.  The ground accumulates the negative charge from all those oxygen ions!

                When we get a potential of 5000 volts we get a lightening down strike.  Which converts the ½ MW of the queue at potential, into 2.5x1030 Watts of were reated power!  Each lightning does strike creating five terms of helium gas!

                The helium is produced by nuclear fusion of hydrogen ions within the water molecules.  This fixes the organic nitrogen which fertilise is plant growth.  Nature does loads of nuclear fusion-starting from water rather than atomic hydrogen.

                There is one lightening strike every 3 minutes around the earth.  Releasing 1044 Watts of energy and nearly!  The energy release is second only to the 1060 we get from direct sun light!

                No newspaper in the world has published work on molecular nuclear fusion-the most important Energy System on earth.  Totally carbon free energy!

                With no production of toxic plutonium!  None of the continental death created exclusively by nuclear power.


Jonathan Thomason

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