Monday, 24 December 2012

Making fresh water


24 December 2012

                The cheapest and safest way to make fresh water is to reduce the pressure on sea water, until it boils under reduce pressure!  This requires under a metre of head.

                This can be achieved by a solar vacuum pump around the hot countries.  They have loads of unused solar power.  They can have a line of launch gauge plastic tubing and a chain of pumps to transfer the water vapour to above a high reservoir.

                The water vapour will be heated are longer power line, and only condensed above the reservoir are.  There is no shortage of sea water in the world.  The first world can donate vacuum pumps to the third world, and produce endless fresh water.

                All places like Texas can construct their own vacuum desalination systems are massively undercut the $4,000,000,000 they have just wasted or high pressure desalination system.  Which is such a bad idea!  That

                The solar pumps do not require any mains electricity.  And run for free!  Once the system is constructed, there are no running costs-the other than minimal maintenance.

                Australia can use this system to irrigate the interior.  Presumably there is Prix historic soil below the surface, just waiting to be exposed.

                Suddenly we have a massive injection of photosynthesis into the environment of the world.  Also to all countries around the equator where the sea border.  Landlocked countries can use the vacuum deceleration system to purify or river water, and return it to the interior.

                Photosynthesis is the dominant life support system on earth.  In the Jurassic the fossil fuels had not yet formed!  But there was 65% more life on earth, and sea levels 60 metres lower.  At a time when photosynthesis was less evolved.

                So there was twice the present global average carbon dioxide in the air.  All over the land and seas today photosynthesis pegs free carbon dioxide down to two parts per 1,000,000.

                The rest is converted into active biology!  If we burned all fossil fuels tomorrow (and what a bonfire that would be!) We would not increase the trace of carbon dioxide in the global air.

                We would resurrect all the Jurassic Life into the modern environment.  As new life.  That is what the climate pundits got so wrong-they totally ignored the major biological system on earth.

                But strictly limits free carbon dioxide levels in the air to 2ppm.  A level that throughout history only rises in natural ice ages.  Otherwise the trace level of the gas of life is strictly limited by photosynthesis.

                Man made global warming and climate change were devised by professors of physics and engineering-totally ignoring biology!  And have been trying to correct the schoolboy error since 1986!

                The year off Chernobyl.  Global warming was devised by the paid stooges to nuclear power to make the most toxic industry on earth ‘green’ by bad mouthing the gas which supports all life on earth.

                Animals evolved to eat plant matter and combine it with oxygen-the waste gas of plants.  So without the carbon dioxide there will be neither carbohydrates to eat or oxygen to breathe!

                The world started cooling 1998.  2004 was a bad hurricane year, hence nuclear power adopted ‘man made climate change’.  So the affect of carbon dioxide was suddenly not heating the air!

                It was something else-no details were given.  Nuclear power decided to wait and see what the natural climate did.  Which is cool!  So man made climate change is nuclear speak for global cooling!

                Only paid stooges and the stupid could think this was in any way he produced by a static level of carbon dioxide in the global air.  A static trace gas has no affect on anything!  And latter is what carbon dioxide in ears.

                The gas which supports the last book of life on earth.  In the same way that nuclear power supports all the continental toxic death on earth.  Surely the least green technology that will ever exist!

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