Sunday, 23 December 2012

Marchants of death


23 December 2012

                Drug companies can only make money for the first 25 years of a drugs patent protection.  After the compatible drug manufacturers can start making all the proven drugs!

                For a cancer drugs this is the proof that they extend orrible declined to death from cancer.  They can and massive prices, as cancer is so scary!  Even a cancer death and the drunks is highly unpleasant!

                Now all drugs are made in India and China, drug companies are having to compete with their own formulations!  As in last decade there may now have balances.  Cancer drunks are 98% of a drunken is income.

                They are only command high prices, while we are perceived to have value.

                In 2002 the Moffitt cancer centre started curing prostate cancer the 110 second application of ultrasound.  150 W 40 kHz ultrasound is suitable wave description.

                Is not treat the prostate cancer!  It cures it.  Of stimulates the immune system to clear the cancer cell type throughout the body.

                Suddenly eon all cancer drugs looked like overpriced poison!  Ultrasound cures cancer at one application.  It does not slow your decline in to an unpleasant death.

                Job companyis have no answer!  Expect sudden announcements for the drug companies are better treatments!  Ignoring the fact that medical ultrasound cures cancer at one application.

                There years no money to be made here!  Only by selling the devices that cure cancers in the general population.  And stop new cancers forming!  By curing infective disease.

                Ultrasound will also clear heart disease and diabetes!  When applied to the coronary arteries of the pancreas respectively.  They cure all for it is when applied to the joints!

                They cure ivy S when applied to the colon-applications done external to the body!  High intensity focused ultrasound will also cure MS.  Eight years too late for last girlfriend who had died with it!

                I have also lost to non blood relatives to diabetes.  But the drug companies are singularly failed to help!

                Who invests in drug companies today?  Only people directly employed by the drug companies.  There is no market!  There is no future for them.

                The future for doctors is ensuring the general population is fit and well and free it diseases and cancer!


Jonathan Thomason

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