Thursday, 20 December 2012

Mental decline

20 December 2012

                Paranoid schizophrenia and other such mental health problems are very severe!  The technique outlined below will deal with them.

                I lost a grandmother as a result of dementia.  Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, plus simple depression have great social costs and can lead to an early death!  Problems such as PMT can result in the abrupt death of a woman’s partner.

                Or mental health problems are caused by pathogen rumps!  Here the active bacterial or viral infection copy out that pathogen leaders have strands of RNA to share with other pathogens-and also and fortunately cessated cells.

                Thus six pathogen leaders show up in all cancers out there!  They are not in themselves harmful, so are taken audit by the immune system!  To allow life childbirth the immune system is turned off unless there is substative body cell damage occurring!

                To clear all pathogen rumps, whether or bacterial or viral, from the body we start up the immune system using the lower cytokines.

                A drip of IL-2&4 makes and actions the specific antibody to clear pathogen rump colonies from the body.  This is actually an engineering idea applied to medicine.

                The AP C.s flag up novel genome in the body.  The T cells loaded the target antigens on the macrophages, which engulf the cell or bacterial structure.

                Heart disease is caused by a bacterial rump on the coronary arteries.  Has been found that this rump also colonise is the fatty plaques around the kidneys.  So ultrasound applied to the kidneys will clear coronary heart disease.

                The specific antibody pills will clear all human mental health problems.  Which are the result of infectious disease in a individuals fast.  The rump colonies are not cleared with the main infection.


Jonathan Thomason

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