Sunday, 9 December 2012

Nature does fusion


9 December 2012

                Wherever there is high pressure water or steam in turbulent flow, the receive the production of helium and oxygen gases.  And the willingness of can wave radiation a massive heat!  Nature does molecular nuclear fusion from water all around and in us.

                And beating hearts release can wave radiation!  Was around the arteries the pressure waves do MNF.  Which is why we breathe out helium and ozone.  There is no chemical source of helium all, wave radiation.  And there is no source of nuclear fission in the and body!  This Energy System is toxic to all life.

                Group bacteria also produce the fusion signatures.  Growing in a Petri dish or 30° C!  No human body exceeds this temperature messy individual dies!

                Green crops in light produce helium, oxygen, gamma radiation and eight!  Biologists have written this up in the university text books.

                Waterfalls and the deep seacurrents also produce a issues and signatures.  I have been putting this out on the Internet for four years.  Not one scientists from around the world as contestsed my ideas and that molecular nuclear fusion.

                All the engineers and physicists stopped work on man made global warming 2003.  No nuclear power has abandoned man may climate change, and reverted to man made global warming.

                A working nuclear fusion idea destroys the burning of fossil fuels and use of toxic nuclear fission to produce energy.

                It is a massive income stream for higher education.  But not one academic institution will acknowledge molecular nuclear fusion is the most important trading system after direct sunlight.

                As the sun shines through moist air it causes molecular nuclear fusion in the air.  And powers hurricanes and the weather systems!

Jonathan Thomason

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