Thursday, 6 December 2012

Nature wins


6 December 2012

                Since photosynthesis evolved in the Permian age, plants are grown every day, until carbon dioxide levels fall below the minimum level for photosynthesis!

                In the Permian megaice age there was 10 parts per million carbon dioxide in the air-five times today’s present levels!  At the end of the Permian photosynthesis was established, and carbon dioxide levels crash to to only one part per million. (1ppm)

                90% of life on earth died!  A bigger mass extinction than even at the deaf the dinosaurs!  Which modern scientists believe was lying to a version became a comet and the earth!  The crater being around Mexico.

                So the Permian mega rises age was a carbon crisis!  Plants could only metabolise during the day, the carbon dioxide they had responded at night!  Even today plants refiner using the oxygen they excreted during the day.  With carbohydrates they build up during the day.

                Life only recover as more animals evolved to do oxygen respiration all day and night, and breathe out carbon dioxide!  The eight plants to get hold of carbohydrates.  So plants and animals are in a dynamic balance.

                Carbon dioxide levels only rise naturally during an ice age!  When there is less global photosynthesis.  During a warm periods carbon dioxide is limited to the minimum level for photosynthesis to take in carbon dioxide.

                For last 200 years this has been a static level of 2ppm.  Ever thought up manmade global warming is totally ignorant about biology!  Man can’t affect the trace of carbon dioxide left in the air by photosynthesis.

                By burning the fossil fuels he returns Jurassic Life back to the active environment!  There is no external source of organic carbon!  It all used to be active biology.  The vast bulk from the death of the dinosaurs!

                Some scientists hypothesised that the cretaceous mass extinction formed fossil fuels!  In which case the fossils should be system to all life which died at the end of the cretaceous: I have yet to read any papers about this!  So I believe all the fossil fuels date from the end of the Jurassic.

                When there was 65% more life on earth.  Resulting me sea levels were 60 metres lower!  Photosynthesis was less evolved.  So carbon dioxide levels were limited to 4ppm.

                Most tellingly of all, there were three natural ice ages in the Jurassic!  We had twice the level of carbon dioxide in the air!  Compared to the a static 2ppm over the last two centuries.

                Man has increased life on earth!  But not also that the gas composition of the air.  So obviously have no affect on the climate!  Which is totally controlled by solar cycles.

                With the new nuclear project at Hinkley Point being would be dead by George Osborne, nuclear power has now abandoned man made climate change!  Which is based around the same erroneous increase of carbon dioxide at torpedo manmade global warming for teen years ago.

                Interestingly enough: nuclear power is am publicising manmade global warming again!  The natural climate has been cooling since 1998!  Nuclear power will obviously have to think of some real science.

                Though it never has done before!  All scientists who have written papers on man made global warming or climate change should have no place in education!  Reporters who wrote an equally fictitious copy about nuclear PR, should not up positions writing for newspapers!  Or make TV shows using nuclear fiction.

                Global photosynthesis controls the trace of carbon dioxide in the air.  Man cities and engines are globally insignificant!  There carbon dioxide levels only serves to increase plant growth within a two KM radius.

                In the little ice age free carbon dioxide was at 4ppm.  Since then it fell to 2ppm –it static level for last two centuries.  During which the world has industrialised.

                Nuclear power causes global death!  And are Chernobyl it resulted in a nuclear winter!  Burning carbon fuels increases life on earth.  It makes man a super animal!


Jonathan Thomason

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