Saturday, 22 December 2012

Nuclear carbon


22 December 2012

                Nuclear power mines and purifies uranium ore a the third world countries-or a ships it the 1/3 way around the planet.  Not always by nuclear powered ships.

                ME the first world a design has its plants to be replaced every 25 years: Fukushima shows what happens when a plant exceeds its design life!  EDF has extended the working life of six of its nuclear plants.  Self assessment is legally risky!  It should not be allowed for nuclear power.

                Sizewell B is a fast breeder reactor-that even EDF says he is too dangerous to construct now!  Kent will experience its own Fukushima within the next 5 to 10 years!

                Transporting it staff to work is done using petrol and diesel vehicles.  The carbon footprint of nuclear power is in excess of that all burning natural gas.

                Modern photosynthesis reverts natural gas to the active biology in vassals in the Jurassic age!  No accumulation of carbon dioxide in the air is possible due to global photosynthesis.

                Manmade global warming and climate change are quite possibly the most brain dead PR fiction ever thought up by the paid stooges to nuclear power!

                Nuclear power produces the massively toxic plutonium!  They used fission rods rain toxic for 100,000 years.

                One 3.5 magnitude earthquake in Cumbria, will give Sellafield its own Fukushima: the last nuclear incident at the plant was when he was still called windscale!  It was the most serious nuclear incident before Chernobyl.

                Hence the name change!  We have allowed EDF to accumulate the world’s biggest store of fuel grade plutonium in erry can tear of outstanding natural beauty!

                Cumbria has been very tectonically active in the past.  One decent earthquake now, and the north of England is uninhabitable for 100,000 years!

                People in the north should fact emergency suitcases, with tender food and bottled water!  And devise continuity plans to go staying with relatives in the south of England.  Though obviously not France-it is the only country other than Russia with an active nuclear programme.

                There is no plant of EDF’s which should be licensed to operate today!  Too old.  Or just too dangerous!


Jonathan Thomason

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