Thursday, 6 December 2012

Nuclear fusion


6 December 2012

                In 2001 professor Z suggested turbulence of hydrogen gas did atomic nuclear fusion!  So all present fusion Tauruses will never given an nuclear fusion.  They use the linear flow of hydrogen gas.

                This is such a simple fix!  We introduce a perpendicular magnetic field.  To give the hydrogen ions spin as I albeit the torous.  As we go around the torous they churn and interact like a turbulent body of water.

                In 2003 I got time to think about this!  River water slips by emitte this move fashion!  Usually.  When the water is in turbulent flow, we see the creation of gamma wave radiation and production of helium gas.

                Around corners in a river, at waterfalls, with deep water currents!  In the air in heavy rain or tornadoes.  In all these instances geographers have put on record the production of helium and gamma wave radiation.

                There is no chemical source of either!  But we always see the creation of massive heat.  In heavy rain we get He and γ and the creation of heat!  Ulcer in heavy snowfall.  Which is why he the air warms up after a snow or rain storm.

                Deep sea currents produce so much He and γ.  There would be no life on earth without the operation of sea water falling turbulence in the deep sea currents.

                The working steam, IC all the jet engine and all give off He and γ.  Photosynthesis itself uses turbulence around the plant photo blast to produce He and γ.

                Your own beating heart produces He and γ.  Nature has no trouble doing nuclear fusion-but it goes off from the turbulent flow of regular water.  The turbulent flow of high pressure water in the Norwegian damns produces He and γ first heavy water!

                We only utilises regular light water!  The most exothermic location of molecular nuclear fusion in nature is via a lightning strike!

                Here a 2cm x 1.5 km steam plasma generates five terms of helium gas!  Every 3 minutes around the world.  This is a staggering amount of energy 2x1030 Watts.  This fixes the organic nitrogen which fertilise is all plant growth!

                Plants metabolise carbon dioxide from the air, leaving the modern level of two parts per million outside a natural ice age!  When free carbon dioxide levels rise.

                A one metre steam plasma in a tube gives mankind dependable access to this scheme!  Power from regular water.  Producing no carbon dioxide!

                When a steam plasma is initialised, if it is above four atmospheres pressure, itself sustains!  During no external power!  But liberating huge energies.



Jonathan Thomason

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