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Prevent cancer cure

23 December 2012

                In 2002 the Moffitt cancer centre started using what they termed high intensity ultrasound!  2004 they renamed it high intensity ultrasound.  One application of HIFU will cure all cancers!

                Cancer is forced to divide in a single cell way-like viruses!  Are avoid scrutiny by the immune system.  This means it lacks multi cellular support.

                Cancer cells demand and get extra blood supplies!  So they are overinflated and hard.  This is very important!

                Body cells are flaccid and only damaged by ultrasound above 180 Watts/cm2.  At this power the cell contents taught boiling!  A powerful frequency to stop boil off water is 40 kHz-at room temperature and pressure.  At greater pressures water should boil under the reduced frequencies.  They are certainly boil at 40 kHz.

                Above 90 Watts/cm2 cancer cells fragment explosively!  This is demonstrated in practice at the Moffitt cancer centre!

                A useful description of HIFU is 150 W 40 kHz ultrasound applied through 10 cm guide cylinder of fun at one end!  This produces A narrow director will be in of ultrasound.

                That will coals cancer cells to fragment explosively!  Leaving adjoining body cells undamaged.  Body cells immediately adjacent to the exploding cancer cells will be destroyed.

                Suddenly the immune system links up the cancer cell with danger!  And launches an immune assault to remove cancer cells throughout the body-where ever they are.

                So the Moffitt cures cancer 10 years ago!  The or reated in my block

ISBN 13388277

Ultrasound and cancer by Jonathan M Thomason

                The Moffitt initially thought ultrasound only wait for prostate cancer.  It attacks the intrinsic nature of all cancer cells!  The drug companies the have spent the last decade trying to suppress the news: that cancer can be cures at one application of ultrasound!

                No drugs, or surgery or repeat application is required.  Ultrasound also fuels were active infections.  As there cells are overinflated and under supported-for viruses.

                Bacteria are provided with a minimal cell wall by the B cells.  Again they are over inflated!  Ultrasound is 1000 times more efficient than fungal antibiotics!  Which stimulate the human body to produce the active human antiviral.

                So a course of fungal antibiotics will cure cure viruses.  Drug companies are not the trying to suppress this news.  But all G P’s in the world will prescribe penicillin four viral infections.

                A quick plants of medical ultrasound is far better!  All cancers can be cured with a single application of ultrasound.  This will not protect against reinfection at a later date!  When you will need a second does of ultrasound.

                He each infection or cancer requires a single burst of ultrasound at 150 W 40 kHz.  Down at 10 cm one ended guide tube.

                No Dr. In the world has ever contested this!  All that a single does of HIFU provided at the Moffitt cures prostate cancer.

                With no surgery!  No unpleasant drunks.  A total cure.  Merry Christmas.

Jonathan Thomason

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