Monday, 3 December 2012

Proving molecular nuclear fusion

3 December 2012

                We set up two parts of water!  Want floating on the other than a water move up and down!  We then apply a Bunsen burner to allow our flask!

                It heats up, but at the moment of boiling gives off a massive burst of nuclear radiation!  There is no source of nuclear fission here.  The radiation is produced as a causing bubbles does molecular nuclear fusion in level of flask.

                The steam rises, it’s a base of the have a flask, and condenses!  Gradually a volume of gas bills up!  We sample this gas.  It is composed of helium and ozone!

We have proved molecular nuclear fusion!

                6H2O ->3He+4O3+γ+E    with much 3He and 18O

                There is no chemical or physical source of nuclear radiation!  There is no chemical source of helium gas!  But boiling water does nuclear fusion from compounds of hydrogen!  In this case water.

                That is why PW R’s use of boiling of water to generate energy!  PW R’s already two MNF!  But only via toxic nuclear fission.

                The circulating steam to a water boiler will produce 10 times as much steam-one swearing at the boiling temperature.  So we can use 90% of the steam to drive a steam turbine!

                An burn no fossil fuels and doing no toxic nuclear fission.

                Biologists have already put on record that hot smokers the rate nuclear radiation!  Even where there is no source of radioactive isotopes.

                Heavy rain gives off nuclear radiation!  As the chaotic turbulence of rain drops does molecular nuclear fusion.

                Volcanic eruptions are preceded by the venting of turbulence steam!  So volcanic eruptions are driven by molecular nuclear fusion.

                Green plants in light produce helium and ozone-plus nuclear radiation!  There is no chemical source of either helium or nuclear radiation.

                A working steam engine and produces radiation at the steam boiler, far in excess of the week radiation produced by the diesel fuel!

                Burning methane gas produces radiation!  Even when the methane is 12C1H4!  Even your own beating heart gives off nuclear radiation in time with your poles!

                In animal body there is no rhythmic source of nuclear fission!  Any nuclear fission as all is toxic to multi cellular life!

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