Saturday, 8 December 2012

Stopping cancer etc.

8 December 2012

                Professor Fossil pointed out to me that cancer divides in a single cell way!  As does an embryo growing in its mother’s womb.  The type of division used by viruses to avoid scrutiny by the immune system!  This is why he cancer has to do it too.

                So not random.  All cancers share another 5 enzymes with infective disease!  Cancer is built from the individuals infective history!  Cure infective disease, and stop cancer.

                The same applies for heart disease, IBS and MS.  The diseases of age all share genome with infective disease.

                Bacteria trick the B cells into copying out their genome.  The presence of fungal antibiotics stops this copping system.  And also produces the human antibody to novel structures in the body doing damage.  So all for bacteria are history!

                As are all four viral infections.  And presumably also fungal infections.

                But the genome left behind by previous infections is the non harmful part of those infections.  So we do not produce the human antibody to clear these pathogen leaders.

                Flemming got really lucky.  Fungal antibiotics have no direct action.  But they stimulate production of the human antibody.  All infections tried to avoid doing cell damage-as this wakes up the natural immune action.  That makes and actions human antibodies.

                There is no reason to leave their system to nature and cell damage!  If we give a drip of interleukin two and four, the IL-4 causes the production of the human antibodies.

                And IL-2 actions it!  When a non native structure is found, we activate the immune system and produce IL-2…21.  So out cytokine drip is so sesumed into the natural immune action.

                Now we clear all full infections, cancer, heart disease and the rest!

                All cancers share the six enzymes with viruses.  A course of antibody pills containing the human antibodies to the ‘pathogen leaders’ displayed by all cancers and viruses, will clear them from the body.

                Those pills will clear all human bacterial infections.  100 times more effectively than fungal antibiotics.  Cancer gets to be a trivial post infection condition.

                That is cleared automatically as I of course of pills cures the infection.  MS is caused by a fragment of bacterial genome colonising the myelin sheath.

                A drip of IL-2&4 will cure the MS-and produce the human antibody to the condition.  Pills of these antibodies will clear MS for other patients.


Jonathan Thomason

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