Sunday, 30 December 2012

The best medicine

30 December 2012

                In 2002 the Moffitt cancer centre started using high intensity ultrasound on prostate cancer.  This exploits the under supported overinflated nature of all cancers!  To avoid scrutiny by the immune system viruses are forced to use the single cell method of cell replication.

                Pathogens share genome, so this is an essential trait of all cancer cells!  They are overinflated and under supported.  The over inflated nature also cells makes an hellishly vital!  Which is why all viruses share this trait too.

                When exposed to ultrasound above 180 Watts/cm2 body cells experience cell content boiling, and rupture!  Cancer cells experience is at the only 90 W/cm2.  During this process may kill off nuclear radiation!


                It is an example of biological molecular nuclear fusion.  Your cell mitochondria do this process every second of the day!  But at a much lower level.

                Cancer cells do so much MNF they rupture explosively!  The immune system sees this, and launches an immune assault to clear that cell type throughout the body.  A defining characteristic of cancer cells.

                When exposed to 150 W the more flaccid body cells are not affected!  Virus, cancer and bacterial cells or experience explosive fragmentation.  Adjoining body cells are damaged-which immune system takes as a danger signal.

                All 200 sorts of cancer out there are totally cleared by one application of 150 W ultrasound.  The simplest method to get at this ultrasound is via an ultrasound messarge.  Or use of an ultrasound slimming device.

                Such exposure to ultrasound is already licensed for human use.  No drugs or surgery is required.  The use of massively expensive by chemical treatments is the most fatal and expensive treatment option out there.

                High intensity focused ultrasound is a one appointment cure!


Jonathan Thomason

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