Monday, 17 December 2012

The problem with cancer


17 December 2012

                When you have an active infection, it SPINS off bits of its genome to share with other infections!  These get into cessated cells attack on tand to the DNA!

                Cesstated have had their use a lifetime!  And now wait to be cleared and replaced!  And till they are the act as an on body food store.  But they gave her a home to the pathogen fragments!

                When the main infection is cleared, they remain!  Gradually accumulating more pathogen leaders.

                All cancers share five enzymes with infective disease!  The base set of cancer restrictions-that are also use any infections.

                The 6th is the instruction to divide in a viral sort away!  Uncontrolled single cell division.  This transforms the precancerous cluster in to full cancer.

                The immune system seas the pathogen leaders, but as they do no cell damage they are allowed to stay!

                If they didn’t cell damage, the immune system will be activated!  I would make all the immune signals.  The we can cheat here.  Do the opposite to what infections do!

                They avoid cell damage for three days.  To giving a head start on the immune system!  If we give a person fungal antibiotics, their own immune system will make the active antibody to the infection!  And get them better.  Where the viral or bacterial!

                The fungal antibiotic stimulates immune system, and there has no direct action!  The human antibody gets the better.

                With no cell damage, the antibiotic trick will not work!  We can give a drip of the were immune signals instead.

                The immune system now activates itself falling, makes the active antibody to new structures nobody and actions are!

                The immune system will run up to full power and clear the cancer!  This will even work with childhood leukaemia.

                In the new year I intend to work with the antibody people at Cambridge University to produce power antibody pills to all cancers!

                All 200 sorts of cancer share the six common pathogen leaders mentioned above.  The antibody to any of these six will cure all cancers.

                No radio or chemotherapy is required!  One course of pills, and the person is healed.


Jonathan Thomason

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