Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Cancer is history


27 February 2013

                Or it should be!  In 2002 the Moffitt cancer centre in Florida produced a one appointment cure to prostate cancer!  By applying high intensity ultrasound an external to the body.

                150 W 40 kHz is high intensity ultrasound.  This will target all 200 cancers out there-while not affecting body cells!  The only cell damage occurs as the cancer cells explode.

                This provokes an immune action to clear cancer throughout the body.  No surgery or pills are required.  It works for all cancers!  Read about it in

ISBN 13388277
Ultrasound and cancer  by Jonathan M Thomason

                Every practicing Dr. On earth has promised to apply the best medicine!  For cancer this is a single external application of HIUS.  Pills and surgery are massively expensive fatal treatments.

                High intensity ultrasound produces a one appointment cure.  Chemotherapy is totally barbarous!  And not very effective.  Cancer surgery is medical medieval mutilation.

                The money to be made in the future will be about extending years are quality life.  Not elongating an agonising death!


Jonathan Thomason

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