Friday, 1 February 2013

Clearing mental health problems


1 February 2013

                An infection these fragments of its genome behind!  Such fragments, by the virus or bacteria itself, is overinflated and hard.  Just as we see in cancer-a post infection problem!  Caused by a person’s infective history.

                Such fragments tend to accommodate in the brain-by the immune system has restricted access.  They are doing no damage-so are tolerated by the body.

                If we are applying high intensity ultrasound to the skull, the sound waves pass through the brain causing all such pathogen fragments to fragment explosively.

                This wakes up the immune system up to the undesirability of such structures.  MS is caused by bacterial rumps colonising the myelin sheath.  Other mental health problems may be coals by a viral rumps.  Making inappropriate enzymes and neurotransmitters.

                High intensity ultrasound (150 Watts 40 kHz) will remove all such structures!  In exactly the same way that it removes the structures causing heart disease and cancer.

                With heart disease we apply the ultrasound to the coronary arteries and the kidneys-external to the body!  With cancer we apply the ultrasound to the cancerous of pree cancerous Horgan.

                Really we want to apply ultrasound to the whole body every six months to prevent the diseases of age happening!


Jonathan Thomason

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