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Clearing mental health problems

27 February 2013

                Are caused by fragments of pathogen DNA, that makes inappropriate neuro transmitters.

                The body determines if a structure is undesirable, but if it does cell damage to body cells.  So the main viral or bacterial DNA will be removed by an immune action.

                But the pathogen copies out its pathogen leaders (these are genome which gives the pathogen accommodation with the highest) are strings of RNA.

                These can set up a viral or bacterial rumps.  They can accumulate more pathogen RNA from later infections.

                All 200 cancers out there share six common pathogen leaders life actions.  One of these pathogen leaders is to demand a an gets extra blood supplies.

                This gives a pathogen an advantage on the immune system.  So it is the first pathogen leader shared with other infections.

                This means that all rump infestations are overinflated and hard.  The other things they do is to mess with a body is Bio chemistry.

                In heart disease a bacterial rump inappropriately raises the blood pressure.  The rump is on the coronary arteries or around the kidneys.

                With cancer the cancerous rump can be anywhere in the body.  It will interfere again waves

the biochemistry of the body while growing inappropriate tissues!

                The normally body cells are limp and flexible.  As I learned at first hand in 1983, you must wear appropriate clothing or metallurgical ultrasound will damage the joint tissue.

                The normal body cells are not affected by ultrasound below 180 Watts.  A normal ultrasound scan is only 5 W.  Such a scan shows up rump Colonies.  These transform the ultrasound into heat energy.

                2002 the Moffitt cancer centre tried high intensity ultrasound at on prostate cancer.  150 W 40 kHz is such ultrasound!  Any power level above 90 W is high intensity.

                The suddenly only the cancer cells in the prostate heated up, and till they experienced sole content boiling.  And fragment it explosively.  Damaging surrounding body cells.

                Suddenly the body realises cancer is dangerous!  And will remove all cancer cells from the body.  The primary cancer cells are all destroyed.

                So all body cells within a two cell radius of the cancer cells.  These are replaced seamlessly by the stem cells.  And we now have a full immune action.

                This happens when all 200 sorts of cancer out there!  All cancers have to be overinflated to gain vitality.  No body cell-not even faster the dividing ones-are overinflated.

                Eureka!  We now have a non invasive, non biochemical way of removing do as cancer cells.  Leaving most of the organ totally unaffected!  The small amount of body cell damage is replaced within two weeks.

                Ultrasound applied to the coronary arteries and kidneys will remove the bacterial rump causing coronary heart disease.  Again no pills are required!  Biochemistry kills.  Ultrasound heals!

                If we apply ultrasound to the skull, we clear areas are damaged to the brain.  This may take many applications of the ultrasound.  A full repair will take two years from a moderate head injury.

                When a patient has a pathogen leader in the head area, making inappropriate neuro transmitters we see mental health problems.

                Such pathogen rumps are overinflated and hard.  They are cleared by application of HIUS (high intensity ultrasound).

                Kidney and liver disease is also caused by a non harmful rump in our own the organ.  HIUS will clear the disease.  The stem cells will fully repair the organ.

                Arthritis and MS are similarly caused by rump infestations.  Ultrasound will clear them.  Such a device is available via Google for 25 UK pounds, plus shipping.

                It will clear even the common cold if used on day zero of the infection.



Jonathan Thomason

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