Friday, 1 February 2013

Curing all infections

1 February 2013

                Viral cells are overinflated-to gain a vitality advantage on the immune system.  Bacteria are housed in a minimal cell wall helpfully provided by the B cells!

                Bacteria are parasites.  They cannot copy their genome without help from the B cells.

                If you apply ultrasound at 150 W 40 kHz in the general area of an infection it will fragment!  And this induces an immune action to clear that structure from the body.  It also stops B cells bacterial replication.

                I had the start of a winter the infection this warming.  One quick plants of ultrasound to my chest and head, and it vanished!

                If we apply ultrasound to the head of account we clear the bacterial structure causing BSE.  Applied to the mouth and feet it will clear put on earth disease.  And without the use of a drugs!  We could actually sample for the Burbank antibody, but ultrasound it is cheaper and easier!

                This idea will also work for nCJD, HIV, cancer, arthritis, MS and the other diseases of age.  Biochemistry is sub optimal.  Hellishly expensive!  And are over proprietary.  It is also are ultimately fatal.  It produces failing treatments.  It cures nothing.  One course of ultrasound will cure all the diseases of age.


Jonathan Thomason

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