Thursday, 28 February 2013

Curing infections

28 February 2013

                To cause an illness, the pathogen a three overinflated and hard!  Obviously with viruses!  But bacterial structures are given a minimal cell walls by the ever helpful immune system.  Mistaking these bacterial Colonies are empathic structures.

                Which is why all active bacterial infections out there waiting cell damage to body cells for three days.  This causes the B cells to give them a minimal cell wall.  Their genome is copied out by the B cells.

                So bacterial infections are parasitic on the body’s own immune system.  There are fungal antibiotics in the human bloodstream, this stops the immune copping out the bacterial genome.

                All new genome in the body zone targeted for removal.  Including the new bacteria.

                The first genome to be cleared is the newest genome in the body.  So the old none human genome is to remain.  20% of the cells in their healthy human body are not native to the human body.

                We are only alive today because or bacterial structures warm and throughout the body.  The immune action never reaches the oldest genome.

                So a fungal antibiotics have no direct action.  They do stimulates are on focused immune action.

                We can do better than use partially effective fungal antibiotics.

                If we give a drip of interleukin two and four we clear all non human genome from the body.  This includes HIV, cancer, heart disease and diabetes.  With cancer we find there are six common antibiotics to all cancers.

                Pills of these drugs will clear all cancers out there.  A useful drug to have a in the medicine cabinet.

                We also produce specific antibodies to HIV, cancer and diabetes.  I have been going on about this for last decade!  Drug companies can’t patent such drugs, so I have chosen to ignore this idea.

                Globally this kills 22,000,000 people around the earth: an inconveniences 10 times that number.  This is a major drug flow of drug companies.  The money to ensure that people died.

                Producing the human antibiotics would cure humanity of cancer.

                But we can do better still!

                All pathogen structures are overinflated.  The non harmful genome left behind after an infection accumulates and causes cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

                Such structures, like the pathogens that formed there, are always overinflated and hard.  They were not, they would coals no disease!  They need the extra vitality provided by extra blood supplies.

                Body cells are affected by ultrasound above 180 Watts/cm2.  For cancer and heart disease structures the ultrasound damaged threshold is only 90 W/cm2.

                So if we expose tissue 150 W 40 kHz ultrasound, we will selectively destroyed post pathogen structures-including cancer and heart disease cells.

                The rump structure experiences cell boiling.  As the pressurised cell converts ultrasound into heat.  Body cells are only warmed by 2° C.  Cancer cells heat up to 120° C, and explosively fragment.

                This process is so energetic adjacent body cells are damaged!  This stimulates an immune action to clear e.g. the cancer cell throughout the body.  All primary cancer cells are history.  The immune system will remove all secondary cells.

                Such an ultrasound device is marketed as an ultrasonic massage tool.  It costs 25 UK pounds and bought from China.

                It will cure all infective disease!  When applied to the chest and head.  This will stop all other diseases of age: primarily heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, iBS and MS.

                Suddenly biochemists are looking very stupid!  One course of pills can cost up to $5000!  And cures nothing.  Repeat prescriptions are required.

                An ultrasound device costs $35.00 and will cure all future infections, plus developed cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

                That is 22,000,000 lives around the earth!  You would expect me to been awarded a Ph.D. for this work.  But it destroys medical schools in every university around the world.  I would rather people continued to take pills and die horribly!

                One quick burst of ultrasound and they are cured!  I used to work in metallurgical ultrasound in 1983.  My all boss died of pancreatic cancer!  Six months after he retired.  If he had continued to work, he would have led to another 20 years.

Jonathan Thomason

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