Sunday, 3 February 2013

Fusion in the Second World War


3 February 2013

                People wrongly think first time mankind do nuclear fusion as when he dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima.  It was only the first time he knew he is doing nuclear fusion.

                Water injection into the Merlin engine always Spitfire II gave the plane a massive boost of speed.  This is not caused by a simple the boiling of water.

                As with all IC engines the turbulence of steam within the range and does molecular nuclear fusion: usually the water is a result of the burning of hydrocarbons.  Followed g theuns produce nuclear radiation as the turbulent steam passes up the gun barrel.

                You can buy a kit today to to water injection of the car engine.  Such a kit will boost the amount of nuclear radiation the working engine produces!  As well as giving a massive power increase.

                I would not recommend it: like with the Spitfire the amount of energy released is going to seriously damage the engine and.  As well as increasing the power, it melts the engine gradually.

                Such a kit is a nice way to prove molecular nuclear fusion goes on in IC engines, and he is a reality.

                The regular working IC, steam or jet engine and gives off nuclear radiation.  No chemical reaction can produce higher frequency electromagnetic radiation than low infra red.

                So the production of nuclear radiation is proof that a nuclear reaction is going on.  And there is very little radioactivity in the the unburned fuel.

                There certainly is no reason for the massive first of nuclear radiation as he engine fires!  All the steam passes over a (Ti) turbine.

                We came years the exhaust heat of a regular car engine to heat regular water into the superheated state-only liquid because of the pressure.

                As ozone no moves down the pressure is released, and the water boils-and we get our massive release of nuclear radiation as you do molecular nuclear fusion.

                The production of light flashes in the deep is a definitive signal we are doing molecular nuclear fusion in the turbulence of the deep sea currents.

                We have no source of nuclear fission.  But visible light is also are only a produced by nuclear reactions.  The deep sea produces helium and oxygen gases.

Jonathan Thomason

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